My First Official Sweet Table is Coming Soon!

I come from a family of dreamers and entrepenuers. We always talk about the different businesses we would love to start up, seek out great store locations, and even have business cards for businesses that don’t exist. So when my sister said she had gone ahead and signed a lease for space in Geneva, IL, I wasn’t terribly surprised but I was a little apprehensive. We always just discuss what we’d like to do, or dream about the ‘what ifs’. Never do we actually take steps to make it happen……until now.
Because of her moxy, I am inspired. No longer will I just talk about doing things, or dreaming of venturing out. I want to make something happen, especially since it seems to be getting harder and harder to afford just the basics in life these days.

With almost 10 years of Retail Management experience under my belt, I have a grasp on the business side of things. Now I need to expand my cookie cutter collection, and improve my decorating skills.

This the wedding cake I made for sister, when she decided one day she wanted to get married in a week. This was my first attempt at making a wedding cake, and the first time I worked with fondant.

On October 22nd, my sister is opening her new business, but the night before, she’s having a party at the store for friends, family and some other local merchants. To help make the evening extra special, I volunteered to do a Sweet Table because I think they can really impress your guests. I also am using this night as a great way of showing the world what I am able to do. Friends and family know I like to cook/bake, and I’ve made certain things over the years that people love. (I even made my sister’s wedding cake! The only one I’ve ever done, and the first and only time I’ve ever used fondant!)
But I don’t think they realize how much I really like doing it.

We’ll see how it goes and I’m sure it will be great, but I’m getting a little nervous. I can’t wait to show you what it turns out to be, so stay tuned and Happy decorating!!!

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