Star Wars – Trench Run Cake


Yes, I did another Star Wars cake, and this time it was for another brother. In case you haven’t notice, my family is a little crazy about Star Wars and instead of trying to fight it, I have embraced it with open arms. As far as cakes go, the sky is the limit when looking to a galaxy far, far away for inspiration.

So, my brother wanted an air battle for a cake, so I had to come up with something that could involve tie fighters and x-wing fighters. After looking through the web for ideas, I noticed that I had not seen any cakes with the actual Death Star surface on them. Sure, I there are plenty of Death Star cakes out there, but none that involved one of the most climatic scenes in the Star Wars saga. So, this is what I came up with, and my 5 year old had a ball helping me with this one. I actually let him cut some of the square pieces to go on top, so this might help explain why some pieces are a little crooked. 🙂
On the menu for this Sugar Shindig: A Buttermilk Banana Cake with a Peanut butter- Italian Buttercream/Fresh Banana & Bacon Filling. The filling was of course inspired by Elvis Presley, who was famous for eating grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. The flavors turned out great, and had the perfect salty/sweet thing going on.
Stay tuned this week, because I have birthday cupcakes due AND a baby shower cake coming up.

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