Relay for Life Cake – Imagine a world with more birthdays

One of the moms from my sons preschool requested a cake for her church’s Relay for Life dinner event. She wanted the purple ribbon, key words used like ‘celebrate’ & ‘remember’, and she wanted it to say ‘Imagine… a World with More Birthdays’.

The ribbon, the key words on the sides of the cake, and the American Cancer Society logo on top are all fondant decor pieces. I could have piped the extras, but fondant always gives it a more professional look. The rest of the cake is covered in Italian butter cream, and while carrying the cake in, the smell of the Italian butter cream was almost intoxicating. . Everyone really liked the cake when I delivered it, and I’m sure their event last night was a success.

On the menu for this Sugar Shindig: a Half Yellow/ Half Chocolate sheet cake with an Italian Buttercream Filling, covered in Italian Buttercream and Marshmallow Fondant decor pieces.

4 thoughts on “Relay for Life Cake – Imagine a world with more birthdays

  1. Everyone loved the cake, there were lots of pictures taken and everyone kept talking about it! It was a huge success! Thank you for making it and taking the time to bring it to the church, that was a big help!

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