Green & Black Rehearsal Dinner Cookies

Social media is such an amazing thing! People are starting to post things I’ve made for them on facebook, and guess what? Their friends are contacting me about upcoming events they have, and today I delivered cookies to a woman who saw the Relay for Life cake I did on her church’s page. I could on and on about how good it feels to have your work recognized by people you don’t know, but I won’t bore you with that. 🙂 (Yes, I know I just did….)

So, the woman’s son is getting married this weekend, and the wedding colors are Kelly Green & Black. She requested a dozen cookies in these colors, but two of them needed to be race cars. I know what you’re thinking….race cars??? for a wedding??? It turns out the bride and groom are big Nascar fans, and Mom thought they would get a kick out of these at the rehearsal dinner. So, each car has the monogram of both the bride & groom, and the other 10 cookies are hearts with couple’s monogram. It’s a nice party favor, especially when they’re bagged with ribbons.

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